..an overflow of happiness

I have been writing this fictional story of two characters beginning from their wedding day, capturing little moments as they move ahead in life as a couple. Anastasia & Joel – the figment of my imagination

Some of my friends have asked me, why Anastasia (Ana) & Joel?

Sometimes you need names taken from real life situations, helps the writer (in this case ‘me’ to give the story more of a personal touch). So you could say, via this story (which is a 100% fictional one) I’m living a little bit of my life, considering that I am still unmarried and these things still haven’t happened. It’s a future of sorts to look forward to.

I really don’t know what prompted me in the first place to write something like this..I’m not so much of a person who continues short stories, but somehow this story is stuck to my head and I feel like writing a few lines more every time I find a new plot to link it to the previous one.

You will find the story flow here below, as it was written…

Part I ~ Part II ~ Part III ~ Part IV ~ ~ Part V …and the latest part below:

I was sitting at the dining table about to bite into my toast bread when Ana came running from the bedroom with a broad smile hiding something behind her back.

“good morning baby” you’re up early today 🙂

It was evident in her smile that she was excited about something..

“what’s up baby, you wanna tell me something”

She takes her hands out from the back and shows me this plastic stick with two lines on it.

These two lines were going to change our life.were_pregnant.jpg


We were having a baby…! Ana was pregnant! I kept the bit toast back on the plate and hugged Ana..

“now..now..you don’t wanna squeeze the baby and her mommy too tight” 🙂

“Oh yes (pulling away a little)..are u okay? You must relax..O’ what the hell… I love you so much, the mother of our baby” as I pulled her towards me and gave Ana a hug making sure I didn’t squeeze her too tight.

I was in disbelief! I was in shock! I was happy, joyful, excited….but most of all I was in love with this baby that was already growing inside of my wife’s tummy!

I couldn’t wait enough for this day to happen.

But it was happening….we were going to be parents…!!!

The coming days would be the most beautiful days of our lives…


12 Replies to “..an overflow of happiness”

  1. I’m really gonna read all the part once I get free from my work.
    I think you’re gonna inspire me for writing fiction. ✌

    1. Surely, why not. Writing Fiction is always a good idea. Go for it!!!

  2. I enjoy your blogs immensely and this one is beautiful!

    1. thank you so much 🙂

  3. I guess my parents would have been felt the same when they came to know that this lill angel is gona born😇😉😊

    1. Surely 😀 A girl born in the family is always a blessing

      1. Then my family is double blessed with two 😊

        1. I’ve always been a fan of girl children. Personally I’d like to have two girls when i have kids (I know that’s not in my hands..but still).. boys are okay but gurls are so much nicer 😁😁😁

          1. Oh..so sweet of you😊..But my dad still feels that ,we both are girls..i would like to adopt a girl child when i get married or when I’m financially fit to raise a child!i feel that it’s better to take good care of the one w ho are already born than craving for the one who is not yet born right?So i would surely adopt one and give birth to one to enjoy all my motherhood..i would see the happiness of me with big tummy… he he funny right😊

          2. Well, normal child birth is always better for those who can. Adoption are for those mothers who cannot conceive, so if you’re blessed to have a child the natural way..by all means do it that way. My way of looking at it.

          3. Yeah !but it’s too good to become mother for the children without mother’s right.I can have one in normal way as you said right!?this is my way of looking at these things..

          4. Well yeah I guess, it’s one way of looking at it.

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