I almost never honk…

I’ll complete that sentence..
I almost never honk at female drivers. Why? Well as you know I am a single and unmarried. Who knows if I could be honking at my future wife, her mother, sister or her aunt or her aunt’s sister. I would want to create a good first impression right? The state I live in is very small, the smallest state in India – Goa, having just two districts..North Goa & South Goa..and everybody seems to know each other.

Imagine I go for a proposal and a little earlier in the day I had this honking session on the road with the very same girl who I am now seated in front of. I hear her telling her mom

“this was the same guy who was honking, like non stop..I almost froze (she makes a face) He has absolutely no patience. He’s not good husband material. He’s a honker” BAM!! Game Over!! 😀

In India, honking is normal, look at the traffic and honking is your only option of moving forward even in Goa , being the smallest state in India, it makes no difference really!


There are times the situation gets really bad on roads that you HAVE TO HONK..and we don’t do it just once…we continue pressing the damn thing till we get heard.
I do make it a point tho’ if there is a female around, I do the normal honk (just once) and then she’ll look to your side. She’d be on her bike and me in my car and I’ll give her the Joey-Head-Movement of How you Doin’?..you have got to see the smile on her face..precious 🙂

Goa does have some really pretty girls..why just Goa..India too, some girls are worth turning lesbian for..I just didn’t say that now..did I. Just speaking for some of my female friends 🙂

So yes! Advice coming your way “Don’t honk at a girl in traffic..give her the joey head movement..she will like it, unless of course if she’s a lesbian then she could care less.


The image to your left is the International hand movement for “what the fuck is wrong with you” works everywhere…people use it extensively. If you haven’t used it till now, it’s never too late to start 🙂


A question for all reading… Are you a compulsive Honker? 😀




15 Replies to “I almost never honk…”

  1. Laughing at the Joey head movement…omg you are so funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    1. trust me, it works 😁😁😁

  2. Here in the US ( at least here in my city ) we don’t honk, unless it’s very necessary, like ,the traffic light has already green, and the car in front is not moving yet…. and that rarely happens.

    1. U need to come to India to experience something different 😊😊😊

  3. Traffic in India s a hell!!

  4. Haha 😀 You really do the Joey move ?

    1. In the car sometimes yes…not really otherwise 😉

      1. :D:D Would it be weird if a girl does the move ? 😛

        1. It would be unexpected surely 🙂 you planning huh 😉

          1. Yea I should 😀
            Give guys a jolt 😉

          2. Can I be seated next to you in the car when you do it…you can drive, I’ll just watch 😉

          3. Let me practise the move, when I master it, you get a preview 😛
            Hahaha 😀

  5. I think in my case I have to get used to getting The International hand movement 😛

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