I’ll have a coke..

I feel very out of place at social gatherings and at various functions.
Why? You may ask..
I am social, I love being around people but when it comes to being around people with a glass in hand, either my glass is filled with water or coke..no hard drinks
..and that’s where the problem lies.

Where has it been said one has to be intoxicated to have a good time? Doesn’t one lose all his/her senses when down with one too many drinks?

Take yesterday for example, We went to the neighbors house and as good hosts they asked us if i’d like something to drink, I said;

“I’ll have a coke”

“coke with…”

“I’ll have a coke with ice in a glass” and I smiled

So yes, that was it, while the others were with different hot drinks poured into their glasses and in high spirits, I on the other hand was with my glass of coke in my hand.

Another instance was when I was working in Mumbai and met this long time friend, we decided to go out for lunch. He took the liberty of ordering what he thought would be something I liked. He ordered for fried fish (I absolutely love fish) and 2 beers for starters.

“Make that one beer” I told the waiter

“One bottle won’t be enough” my friend commented

“you can have the whole bottle, I don’t drink” I replied calmly

“you don’t drink..you’re Goan and you don’t drink”

Now what’s Goa got to do with drinking? Not every goan drinks. Okay let me re-phrase that.. Not every Goan I know, drinks. There are many other things Goans do, doesn’t mean I follow the pack.

I am a Goan and a sophisticated one at that. I don’t drink neither do I smoke nor do drugs. I know for sure I will be out living a few of my fellow goans who do drink.

I have no issues with people who drink, why should they have a problem if I don’t. Makes sense!?

I know, I know..drinking is fun and all, I think too…drinking water is always fun. Join me!



9 Replies to “I’ll have a coke..”

  1. When I’m not drinking I get a soda with a lemon or lime… makes me feel fancy 🙂

    1. fancy? now..I learnt something new 🙂

  2. I love hanging with people like you. I know I have a designated driver and I will be home safe 🙂

    1. done! now all we have to do is to make it possible 🙂

  3. Isn’t it good to be out of place sometimes and people awe at us just because we are unique. Unique people are always remembered ( but it is better if the cause is good :P)

    1. Something to think about Ranjani 😊

    2. I liked the fact that u used the word ‘us’..there are many of us out there 😊

  4. People who don’t drink are WISE, considering the ill effects it produces. And they are nowadays RARE!

    1. I’m one of those rare ones…not many that I actually enjoy a coke with.

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