100.. and counting

I touched 100 views in one day, TODAY. My two previous bests were 94 yesterday and 85 somewhere in July last year. There’s something about the no. 100, just makes you feel good.

I’ve always wondered if ever there could be 100 different people who visited my blog on a single day, and yes..today I got the answer. It finally happened.

Thank You so much my fellow bloggers 🙂 You all are truly the rock stars.

Latest Count : 105 views, 60 of which are from India itself.


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  1. I have been here (WordPress) for two weeks, after migrating from Blogger. I hit 136 views yesterday. I bled caramel, my chest tight ….that three digit soothes the soul

    1. good…nice! The magical three digits 🙂

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