Kya chal raha hai?


FOGG chal raha hai.. 😀

absolutely nonsensical and irritating … illogical and stupid campaign. I mean what does it mean..“fogg chal raha hai”?


I guess it can be interpreted in 3 I see it

1. Fragrance of Fogg is long lasting… So Fogg chal raha hai 😀

2. As the company commits the quantity is equal to 800 sprays so it’s more than any other brand (no gas deo) so Fogg chal raha hai 😀

3. Fogg is popular in the market these days..  So Fogg chal raha hai. 😀

At least the 4G ad was better..the girl was kinda irritating..but it wouldn’t piss you off.

…toh haan mein kya pooch raha tha?

Kya Chal raha hai?


10 Replies to “Kya chal raha hai?”

  1. HAhahaha….. Fog chal raha hain😁😁😁😁

  2. Lol I find that ad quite annoying, ad makers certainly lacked creativity while making an ad like that, I hate to criticize but whenever that ad in on, it just annoys me like hell, agree, wth does that even mean. Nice post.. 🙂

  3. This ad is stupid! There are many more such- Have you watched the new Yippie noodles ad, the children laughing one? It looks like they are forced victims of Nitrous oxide abuse!!! And not to mention that Irritating Amazon jingle!!!🙄😒😷

    1. I don’t pay attention to ads really..unless of course it’s aired every break

  4. Yes this ad is really irritating! One more reason – if you have used fogg and are walking, then fogg chal raha hai! This is also ridiculous, hain na?

    1. lol, as a dear friend stated…ads like this are a result of ‘lack of creativity’

  5. I agree, it is quite annoying 😀 Love the instrumental music from Soundcloud widget. Thanks for the follow 🙂

  6. Chutiya add of the year fogg ….

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