One of those days..





Yes, I do…today just seems to be one of those days 🙂






…somebody should do something about that ryt?

It really does


My friends have asked me “You’ve been friends for so must really love her”

Yes I love the moon and back and we’re best friends. We share a one will ever be able to understand. I love my best friend, always have..always will.

Psychologists say

If a friendship lasts longer than 7 years, it will last a lifetime.

15 years of friendship and still counting…

6 Replies to “One of those days..”

  1. I also have one such friend!! it is been 18 years and still counting!! we both are in love but with our friendship!!!

    1. sometimes its so hard..that I wanna do is make her all mine 🙂

      1. It is just a thin line between falling in love with the friendship and falling for the friend!!!

  2. Everyone who has a friend like that should consider himself super lucky! You are one of them and I am glad that you cherish the friendship. There are any number of people who are not that lucky.

    1. I wouldn’t say lucky, blessed yes. She’s been a blessing 😊

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