Crying at funerals

Crying makes me uncomfortable, I never’s not my thing. I do feel sad but I will never show that on my face and that’s why people normally mis-understand me and say “this guy is heartless”.. but, that’s ok, people always have to say something..and nobody can stop them from saying it.

People cry, some from the heart and some artificially.

Did you know that nowadays people are hired to cry? If you didn’t know..well now you do. I might not be able to distinguish one from the other but I have been told. Where do you find these people..I don’t know, I have never known.

Imagine hiring people to cry, shout in front of a dead body. Yes,  A DEAD BODY..he/she might have been your mother/father when alive..the fact is, the person lying in the box is a DEAD BODY and that’s what people will refer to it as. Harsh, isn’t it? That’s the truth.

Crying, like many things has now become a business. Grieving for a dead member of the family is a very personal thing. It is very natural to feel sad or even shed a tear or two, after all you will never see that person again.

Another thing that I notice at funerals is, the family hires a photographer to capture the last few moments of the person being on earth. Now why would you do that? Why would you want to have memories of a body in a coffin for memory? If you truly loved this person, you will want to have happy memories, when she was laughing, joking..and in his/her best times in life. I surely wouldn’t want people to take photographs of me when I am in a box, I think the pics taken with family and friends would be more precious than that of me in a box.

Everybody has to DIE sometime or the other. We must be happy for the person, that he/she has returned to the Father’s house and there he/she will be happy. Yes, it means that he/she will not be around us..but it isn’t good to be selfish too ryt?
We are all on a journey through life here on earth, our final destination being our Father’s house in while on earth, why not be good people? Do things that make people happy, live a stress-less really isn’t everything, memories are..go create lots of them..for when our time is finally up..
I’m sure God isn’t going to ask us how many crores we’ve earned on Earth but on how much good we have done and how many people we have brought closer to him.


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  1. I have thought about dear ones dying and I have thought that one day even we’ll leave. So ultimately, no one is going to stay. Yet, knowing that you cannot talk to someone for the rest of your life, is sort of sad, isn’t it?

    1. It is sad..yes. But why wait for the person to die to feel bad. Make beautiful memories with people when they are that when they do leave us, all the memories u have of that person will be good..and that will make you smile rather than feel sad.

      1. That is so right. Some people don’t have time for others when they are alive and then grieve when they are no more. But in any case, grieving when one dies is natural.
        I feel if you have had more beautiful memories with the person, you will only grieve all the more when the person dies.

    2. yes..will be over to your blog in a while 🙂

  2. Ohmygod thank god I’m not the only one🙈
    The part about not being able to cry? I’ve never been able to show my emotions when needed🙈
    It’s like my tears just won’t show no matter how sad I am. And sometimes I find myself envying people who cry easily.
    I totally feel you🙈

    1. *same pinch* musky 😀. I did it again, didn’t I..? Muskan to musky 😁😁😁😁

      1. Hahaha, it’s alright. My mom calls me that sometimes :p

        1. ..and I thought I’d have that copy right of giving u a nice pet name. Musky sounds cool…doesn’t it?

          1. Yeah, it’s pretty good. But I find it a bit too girly/ kiddish sometimes👅

          2. Muskan by itself means smile..which is like awesome. I somehow feel musky suits u nice…you’ll grow out of it

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