The End

Melvin found  himself standing at the edge of a cliff.. looking down. He wondered if anyone would even miss him after he was gone.
All he had was his Maruti 800 for company. The same car that saw so many women walk in and walk out of..
In a couple of minutes it would be a new year..Melvin had decided..enough was enough, he couldn’t go through another year.  He had already lost everything, there was nothing to live for.
He never thought his life would come down to this..all he did in life was make people cry and today while he stared at his final destination, it was tears he found trickling down his eyes.
23.58 it showed on his watch. He knew it was almost time. He  switched off his car headlights, locked his car, threw away the keys and moved closer to the edge..

“What’s the hurry? You still have two minutes more right?” A voice said from behind..

18 Replies to “The End”

  1. Why would he commit suicide ?

    1. Sometimes that is d only option people leave themselves.

  2. Why you gotta leave us hanging!!!

    1. 😊 I tend to do that…agree!

  3. I hope that there is more to this story. 😀

  4. I hope there is more to it, as two minutes sometimes can make a worlds difference!

    1. Yes, it can. I haven’t thought of a continuation as of now..or if they will be, I’m not sure. Sometimes, it is best for it to be left to the imagination..?

      1. Certainly, the optimistic side of me thinks he had an epiphany of some sorts. But the realistic side of me knows better.
        I’m forever conflicted.

        1. Conflicts..don’t we all have them 🙂

          1. Of late I’ve been very clear with what I want/ no conflicts of late 😊😊

          2. That is really good. Wish I could say the same.

          3. It’s a little difficult at first..but if decide..nothing doing, life begins to co-operate 😊

  5. Wow! Way to leave us hanging! I hope those 2 minutes left saved his life! Suicide is never the answer! Good story. Life can be very hard, YES, but there is always HOPE!

    1. He probably would have jumped, 2 minutes earlier wouldn’t have made much of a difference since he had already made up his mind.

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