These are advertisements..

There was a time when the advertisements that came on tv were as entertaining as the programs..nowadays of course, its a different story all together.

A look at some of the advertisements that brought a smile on my face, I’m sure they did on yours too..

(1) Now, who would not want to drink milk after watching this cool ad. Loved it for its jingle and the message of course.


(2) A fondly remembered advertisement by Air India, which touched people’s minds and heart, and definitely stirred nostalgia. Those were truly the ‘Air India’ days..can’t say the same now 🙁


(3) Rahul Dravid, lovingly known as Jammy. I never liked eating jam, but all that changed after watching this advertisement. Till date if I ever eat jam, it has to be only fruit jam 🙂 Rahul Dravid is someone I loved watching..a wonderful person on and off the field. My favorite cricketer.


(4) The Onida TV..Neighbors Envy, Owners Pride. Don’t we all still have the devil in this image..a man with the horns? I bet this advert started it all. If I remember clearly, our second TV was Onida 🙂 Owners pride and the neighbors envy 🙂


(5) Combining the passion and emotions of cricket in every Indian. I loved this could really say, we all loved that girl in the young boys 🙂 – Cadbury chocolate 🙂

…and another one


(6) A mobile in those days was something big. This ad of course brought a smile to everyone’s face 🙂 – Ericsson mobile


…and lastly, the sound of the train whistle always fascinated me. Now of course, I love travelling my train. I can’t just wait to book a train ticket and travel


Oh!… those good old days.. reminds me of my childhood.. my schooldays.. my old friends…. the time spent in the front of Doordarshan after the hectic homework… proud to be a member of the 90’s family 🙂 those days will never come back 🙂




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  1. Oh nostalgic!! Thanks for sharing

  2. Haha..the mobile phone one was too good. Not to forget the cadbury’s and Indian railways.
    Wish they made such ads now 🙂
    Great post !

    1. Nowadays we have to be content with ‘Fogg chal raha hai’ and 4G ads :p

  3. Loved these ads too. Wonderful post… Cadbury ad was really the best😀

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