Goa & Music

One cannot simply separate the Goan and his love for music..its as if they are connected, one cannot go without the other.
It’s very rare you’d see a Goan driving his car without music playing in the background…he may play it soft, some other may play it loud but anyway you see it, he likes to be kept entertained. Be it in any language, Konkani, Hindi or English..more the mix, the better.
You will even find the odd Goan going for his morning walk with his earplugs plugged into his ears.

Music runs in the blood of every Goan. Don’t believe me? Do this simple test.. Place a goan where there is foot tapping music with a good beat playing, in due course you will see him tapping his hands on his legs first, then slowly tapping his feet according to the beat and then slowly start with the head movement and if he really likes the music..he will get up and start dancing too.

Be it at any function, a baptism, a wedding, a lunch or simply 4 people meeting and talking and you’ll have music blaring from a speaker somewhere around them.
Yes, we can talk with music on loud, it’s a talent and we’d rather talk louder than the music than turn the volume down 🙂

Bollywood too has been cashing on big time with some of the Goan music, trying to bring in the Goan flavor into their movies..some of them have been successful, at least in the earlier movies..not so much now. What is depicted of Goa now in movies is totally wrong!

Below is a video of a movie song made way back in 1985, depicting a Goan wedding, I don’t know if they used to celebrate weddings this way back then.. I was 3 years old 😀


Nowadays you’ll find all kinds of Konkani-English-Hindi music mixes, what’s important to listen to is the beat and yes the lyrics (if they make sense to you). One does not think, one just enjoys the music


The background music on my blog is Konkani (Goan language) music, a little bit of ‘this-n-that’ in instrumental style. If you notice, it’s got the beat I was mentioning earlier and it kind of keeps you awake 😀


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