..a not so hairy episode

(Micheal is pacing up and down, looking at his watch and grumbling)

“Gloria, you know you always do this..this is some game you like to play isn’t it? ‘How long can we make Micheal wait’..every single time..why Gloria why” You enjoy this don’t you?

(Gloria walking down the stairs)

“I’m ready, Are you ready to go or do you need more time to yell?”

“Gloria, I just don’t understand what takes you so long, I was ready 20 minutes ago and look at me, I look stunning” 🙂 You on the other hand have been up there for an hour an a half.. and you look…”



“that’s better”

“Micheal, it takes me longer because I need to do my hair”

“Oh! Oh I see! Like I don’t have hair”

“You said it..not me” 😀

“What..what..what did you say..and what do you exactly mean by that?”

“Look Micheal, you can’t compare a woman with a head full of hair to a man who… well doesn’t”

“Are you saying that… I’m losing my hair? (sounding a little annoyed)

“Oh c’mon now Micheal, take it easy, you know I didn’t mean it..you started it.. anyways I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings”

“That’s okay, you see I just happen to be very sensitive about my receding hair line”

“Honey relax, your hairline is not receding..it’s gone” 😀 


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  1. Ah! I like the closing part.
    Meanwhile the music that comes on is quite cool. Please tell me, how did you add music to play on your blog. I like learning stuff like this and since I am hosting a valentine party, I need some cool vibes. Pleaaaaseeee, let me know how to do it, word by word. Thank you with a big cherry on top.

    1. Sure..will do. Will do so step by step..not very difficult. Am on road at the moment, so will do once am back home..which shouldn’t be too long from now

      1. Thank you so much. I appreciate that 🙂

        1. am back..u need to open an account on sound cloud (www.soundcloud.com) once you’re done, you can either search for your song in the website (it might be there) or upload a song that you want (it shouldn’t be copyrighted-else you’ll get an error). Once you’ve uploaded the song or chosen a song from sound cloud, you share it (copy the code into the media player widget in WP (find that in your settings on WP) and yes, you’re done!

          1. I will try this right away and see. Thank you 🙂

        2. hope I didn’t sound very technical 🙂

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