The Arranged-meeting – Part 1

It’s as quiet as ever, (I look around) it’s a fairly big room and just the two of us. I keep my mobile phone on the table, you know..I don’t want it vibrating in my pocket.
The moment I keep it on the table, the next moment it vibrates. I look at her

“I’ll just take that” pointing at the phone

“It’s your phone”

I quickly unlock the phone with the pattern, I can see that she’s looking from the corner of my eye..the phone isn’t getting unlocked.. “damn”, I try two more times. I look up to her and I smile, she isn’t smiling. I try unlocking again, this time slowly, it unlocks

“yes” I say in my mind
It’s a message from my friend..I open to read it

“howz it going bro? any bells ringing?”

I smile to myself and then realize she’s sitting in front of me. I quickly turn the phone off and keep it on the sofa by my side.

“A funny joke?”

“a friend, normal message” I paused a little more before I finally asked

“So, how do we start?”

“I ask you a a question and you answer, you ask me a question and I’ll answer and let us try to be honest with each other”

“Sounds okay to me”

Her name is Manisha and she is well, okay looking I would say. I thought she’d look better in jeans..Oh well!

“you wanna go first?”

“no you go first”


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