The Arranged-meeting – Part 2

“Why Fashion Designing?”

“I always had a thing for different designs, initially I thought there were just lines I drew on paper but later I found out that I may have something going for me here so pursued it and here I am. I like making people look good”

“Why Journalist?”
“I always liked gathering information, be it for assignments or work. I like to be kept updated”

(Damn it! knew I should have thought of some good questions. Now she’s gonna sound all clever and i’ll be left scratching my head of what to ask next. In the meanwhile the waiter brought us 2 cups of tea. I smiled at him, he looked at me confused.

She was watching my every move. Wasn’t I sitting right? It was her decision to sit on the sofa’s, not to make it too obvious that we were on a date of sorts, sitting opposite each other at a round table with a single rose vase in between us. My friend Dominic was kind enough to let us have his banquet hall all to ourselves for our special meeting. He is too kind)

(As we sipped on our cups of tea, I saw her adjusting her dupatta to cover her neck)

“Can I turn the a/c down for you?”

“If it isn’t a problem, or maybe we could switch on the fan and turn the air con off, that’d be better”

(I walked slowly around the room, walking helps calm down the mind. I was already feeling better once I got back to my seat, I made sure I sat down comfortably. On the other hand she seemed to be totally at ease)

“so should we continue?”

“your turn I guess”

“Yes, what are your favorite kinds of food?”

“I love pani puri, bhel puri”

“well, I love Chinese Dragons, just down the road”

“I enjoy cooking sometimes as long as it doesn’t get monotonous. What about you?”

“Do I cook? I do make almost perfect round chapatis, I try not to get them burnt..sorry, I shouldn’t have said that but instant noodles are my specialty, yeah that’s about it!”

“Do you eat meat?”

“Well, it depends. Occasionally, you have a problem with that”

“I’m a vegetarian, do you have a problem with that?”

“not really, I’m fine with that”

“Do you read books?”

“I can’t fall asleep without reading books?”

“yeah, I loved to read and write too”

“Are you writing a book?”

“, I have a blog..I write there”

I picked up a biscuit from the plate and bit it while she reached for the glass of water.

“a blog? that’s interesting…what do you write about”

“different things actually”

“I’d like to read it sometime”

“Are you religious?”

“I would say yes, what about you?”

“Religion is a very personal thing to me, My relationship with God is my business”

(Should I not have asked that question? shit! shit! Okay, next question..)

“Do you consider yourself sexual?” (I knew I needed a sip of water after I asked this question, so I reached for my glass of water and gulped down more than a couple of sips)

“Firstly that’s a very private question and secondly I guess its my turn to ask”

(we were still doing the i-ask-you-you-ask-me thing?)

“but I guess we would need to know that if we are to live together forever”

“you’ll have to wait to find out” she smiled “and you”

“I think I’m very sexual” to which she quickly asked back “..and how do you know that?”

“now that’s a private question” I smiled

There was a brief pause… “you can ask me more questions if you’d like”

“what’s the point, this isn’t going anywhere, can’t you see we have nothing in common other than reading books maybe?”

“On the contrary, I was hoping to meet someone who is totally opposite of me”

“We’d need to have somethings in common, else we’d be fighting over every thing, that’s not what we want right?”

“it’s better than sitting alone watching tv and having nothing to say”

I wasn’t sure what the long pause meant this time but then she said

“let’s meet again and talk some more?”

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  1. Waiting for Part 3 😂

    1. there is a part III? Tell me about it.. :p

      1. How come there is no part 3??

        1. U wanna know more, don’t u…d little inquisitive u 😉😉😉

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