Arranged/planned meeting – Part 3


I changed into my running shorts, threw over a new white t-shirt and rode to the city’s joggers park, I needed a jog. I don’t do it as a regular practice but I like to surprise myself sometimes. It takes me approximately 3 minutes to get to the jogging track.

I do my warm ups before I start my jog, you know the light running, a little stretching etc when I see Manisha approaching from a distance, she’s jogging with headphones over her head, it looks like she’s been jogging a long time, she passes by without noticing me. I run behind trying to catch up with her and we’re now running almost next to each other. Considering I have just started on my first round, she is quite fast nevertheless I try to keep pace.When next to her, I say;

“Hi Manisha”

she doesn’t react, damn! She’s got headphones, she won’t be able to hear you (I grumble to myself, maybe I’ll tap her and get her attention. I almost instantly reject that idea, remembering our awkward departing exchange when we met the first time, I wanted to hug while she wanted to shake hands, and then I took out my hand for the hand shake while she put her hand down. We finally smiled and went our ways. Awkward!!

(Maybe I’ll jog in front of her and make eye contact  …yeah that should work)
I jog a little faster to get slightly ahead and turn backwards, we make eye contact, I wave my hand a couple of times and lip the word hi. She stops..

“hey” she says “what you doing here?”


“Oh yes!”  (I can she she’s sweating, she wipes her sweat off her face and hands with her face towel. We stand there doing nothing for a few seconds. I decide to break the silence…)

“Nice to bump into you here”

“Let’s walk?” she asks I nod my head and now walk together

“I’ve never seen you jog here before, you live somewhere around in this area right?”

“I come once or twice a week..and yes just a few kms from here” smiling nervously

“That explains the price tag on your shorts” she continued “…and you just bought them, didn’t u?” she lets out a laugh

(she has the most infectious laugh and I laughed along. It was fair to say it was ‘our’ first happy moment together)

“I won’t lie, I saw you the other evening when I was riding past the track and I thought it would be a nice place to meet you”

“At the joggers track? Okay, as you say so…”

“Manisha, let’s have dinner tonight? You know… celebrating the new shorts?”

She smiled “Okay, sounds perfect!”

“I’ll pick you at 7.30”

“Sure..but you don’t know where I stay..wait! you do, don’t you”

“yup” 🙂

That’s the last time I’ll be seeing of those shorts for sure, besides I found them too tight..what was I ever thinking?


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