The LOVE month-February

Since we are in the month of LOVE (Yes, people refer to February as the love month, (considering Valentines Day is just one day in the entire month) I’m gonna talk about the Bollywood and Hollywood actresses I absolutely adore and watch their movies over and over again..nothing personal, but there is always a trait or two in them I see in the girl I would call my very here goes;

My current Bollywood cuties are

  1. Shraddha Kapoor; I <3 her totally. When I say I love a certain actress, its basically because of the characters she plays in her various movies. I don’t know her personally but the little I’ve read of her on the Internet, she seems a very nice person in the REAL world..and to think she came out of the sperm of the villain of all time Shakti Kapoor. How can something so beautiful come out from a sperm like Shakti Kapoor, the egg had to play a major role in her development <3


2. Alia Bhatt; another definite cutie 🙂 Yes, I know all the jokes that she’s dumb and all..whether that’s for real or she’s just acting, I’m not really into all that..but don’t cute looking girls and being dumb normally go together? I’ve watched all her movies..wait! I think I still have to watch two. I loved her performance in 2 states


They all look good with makeup..but then who doesn’t want to look beautiful? They might look a whole lot different otherwise but that doesn’t mean we love them any less right?

Coming to Hollywood… I can’t call Hollywood actresses cuties, they are definitely all hotties..and my hotties would be

Sandra Bullock..! Oh yes!

Elisha Cuthbert – She’s the best girl next door one can have 😀

Can I say Dakota Johnson..? That would be totally the 50 shades of Grey influence 😀

Put them all together and u have a little of them all..

Virgin as in Dakota in 50 shades of grey, hottt as Elisha in the girl next door, cute features like Alia Bhatt, a great dancer in Shradha Kapoor and finally age gracefully like Sandra Bullock..and there I have a little bit of everyone in the my girl.

Tough combination!! Indian girls are mostly blowing hot or cold.. ! Too much of anything is never good..


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