A few cents and a Dollar

Nopes! I am not asking for your money 😀

All we are doing in this post is firstly following instructions and then yes I’m sure u’ll want to try out the steps yourself 🙂

It’s time to shake your hips to ‘Cent, 5 Cents, 10 Cents and A dollar 😀


You make the front pelvic motion at ‘cent’

..the right hip movement at ‘5 cent’

..the left hip movement at ’10 cent’

..and stretch your ass out at ‘dollar’

and when the song goes ‘dollar..dollar..dollar in loop’ you know which direction you’re going 😀

(you can change the steps to make it more interesting!..CAUTION, people actually go crazy with this dance, after a few seconds they are moving all over the place doing all kinds of actions..lol)

This below video might help..

You are advised not to play this song in loop 🙂 it will tire you out

he gets it wrong at first..but then later he’s doing it just fine 🙂

…and that becomes the latest music you are welcomed with, when you visit my blog 🙂

It’s called “Dollar Wine Dance” The lyrics are just as you said… “cent, five cent, ten cent, dollar” in a Caribbean kind of beat…and all you need are your hips 🙂 🙂

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