Viva Carnaval – Goa!

Held in the month of February, the Goa Carnival is the time when the legendary King Momo takes over the state and the streets of Goa come alive with music, dance and colour just before the Lent season of the Christian calendar.

Sharing with my wonderful bloggers, photographs of what the Carnaval floats looked this time, Carnaval 2016. These amazing photographs have NOT been taken by me 🙂 But do go ahead and enjoy the same 🙂 {I have no idea how long the photos are  gonna take to upload, considering my internet is on strike..and normal browsing is very slow}

..but first

A little about the History of the Goan Carnival

Goa Carnival has its origin back to the time of the Portuguese who ruled over the state till 1961. History says that Goa Carnival was introduced by the Portuguese rulers as a rowdy celebration in which they used to throw mud, sand-filled bags, flour, eggs, oranges, lemons, glue, a variety of liquids and several other items on the passersby. In addition, people also threw old used pots, pans and many other kitchen utensils out of their homes. Apart from these, fierce battle were waged on the streets, in which the weapons of the war were Plaster of Paris, Eggs, Corncobs, Beans and Wax Lemons. Goa Carnival was also an occasion for unlimited eating, people used to gorge on lavish foods, cakes, breads and parties, distributed by the convents. Since its origin, the Goa Carnival has been an epitome of the fun-loving culture, which is the characteristic of Goa. Today, many rituals have been dropped and several other added, but this festival of colour, fun and food, still retains its original charm.

The Goa carnival of today seems to be different, some say it has become more commercialized, well for whatever people have to say..come February and everyone wants to have their share of the Goan Carnaval. If you missed it this year, come next year.

…and now to enjoy the photos, this by far will be the most colorful post on my Blog.

The Opening Float with King Momo
That’s King Momo


talk of people enjoying themselves!
yup, stop cutting trees
The Goa Football Float – FC GOA


We goenkars love our fish!
Goa & Music


the colorful dancers



The Goan Mando (traditional dance form)


Save our Coconut Trees
saving the wildlife


The happy clowns..

Those were a lot of photos..weren’t they?

See yourself coming to enjoy the Goan Carnaval next year? Only another 12 months to go 🙂


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  1. I always miss it! Thanks for sharing the pics 🙂

  2. Hey that’s awesome. Wish I could join the festivities.

  3. Afrika Bohemian says: Reply

    Love the pictures, almost felt like I was there

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