Goin' the Extra..aaamile

…and if anyone forces you to go one mile, go also the second mile

The first dinner..getting there – Part 4

I had made up my mind, that I’d do only one round after Manisha had agreed to go for dinner later that night, you know..to get ready and stuff and it was already 5.30. Our dinner date wasn’t until 7.30 but still..

“Manisha, I’ll do just the 1 round with you today, just remembered something I have to do”

“but I thought you came to jog..and technically..technically we still have another 2 hours for dinner” You’re already thinking about dinner, aren’t you? 😀

How does she know what i’m thinking? She’s good..

I smile gently “Oh no, I wasn’t thinking about dinner 🙂 okay 3 rounds and then I’ll have to go” 🙂

“okay, me too”

(Half an hour later and we were on our bikes heading home)

“see you soon” as I waved out a bye, looked at my watch..6.15 and sped off.

(My car needed to be washed, so did I..3 rounds and I wouldn’t say I smelt the best)
45 minutes later, my car and myself were all squeaky clean. I went down for a last minute car inspection when I heard a voice as if someone was talking to me

“hey buster” I looked around, there was no one around

“down here” I looked down “Was someone trying to talk to me? I must be dreaming”

“near your right foot dumbo”

I looked at my car front tyre..was my tyre just talking to me?

“you wouldn’t want to forget me, whose gonna fill me up?”

damn!.. I need to fill air “…and don’t call me dumbo” looking at the tyre. I’m talking to a tyre now? I must be loosing it!

I decided a purple shirt on a black pant will be what I would be wearing for the dinner date.

I heard dad telling mom in the background “You’re getting a daughter-in-law soon” 🙂 Martin’s got that look in his eyes. He looks up to me “Good choice son, Purple looks good on you” We high-five

7.10 and I was on my way, Alizee blasting from my car speakers. Manisha was all I could think of..and how would the jingle Martin & Manisha, Manisha & Martin sound 🙂

7.25 and I am almost there, I lower the volume as I get nearer.

I hear birds tweeting as I ring the bell. I am greeted by a young boy at the door..looking at me he throws the door wide open and shouts

“Manuuuuuu your boyfriend is here” I smile, I instantly like this small boy 🙂

An elderly man comes walking towards the door “Come in Martin, I am Manisha’s dad…and this little boy (now hiding behind his dad) is Melvin, our youngest son”

“Hi Melvin..I bought a chocolate for you” he grabs it and runs away

“Uncle is Manisha ready?”

“She almost is.. I guess. Have a seat..might take a while” and we both smile


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