The Virat Kohli & Anushka Sharma Saga

Everybody in India has an opinion on the Virat Kohli & Anushka Sharma breakup story. I was the only one who didn’t really have much to say, but since everyone is talking about it, I thought I’d join the bandwagon.

So what’s with the Virat Kohli-Anushka Sharma breakup story? Some people said they made a cute couple (I use the past tense here because they have already broken up) while others said it was bound to happen. A few other people thought they made a cute couple considering the closeness they shared 🙂

Everyone surely remembers the famous flying kiss Virat gave his lady love, sitting in the stands…if you don’t, here’s a reminder below..his kiss and her reaction to it 🙂


News sources say they broke up due to Anushka’s refusal to accept Virat’s marriage proposal. I mean why would she reject his proposal? …and citing her career as a reason, that is plain foolish if you ask me. Who says you can’t concentrate on your career after marriage? Many people seem to create magic after they are married..or wait! maybe women function differently-I don’t know.

As for guys, it just gets better after marriage..look at Rohit Sharma, everyone said he was ‘wasted talent’ but things seemed to have looked up after his marriage, at least consistent wise..he was always an exceptional player if you asked me, he’s just more consistent now. His wife must be really happy! Btw, Ritika, his babe!

As a cricket fan, it doesn’t matter to me, with or without Anushka Sharma.. I am happy as long as Virat is performing on the field as much as he’s performing of it. If you look statistically, Virat is a better batsman when he’s not multitasking, cricket & his love life.

According to sources, his breakup happened before India’s tour down under (Australia), just have a look at his scores in that series:
91, 59, 117, 106 and 7 in the One Day Internationals 90, 59 and 52 in the T20Is.
Clearly, he enjoyed his cricket! He kept the whole of India happy and we all love Virat when he performs on the field.

So if you ask me, I can’t comment much on their relationship..neither do I know Virat nor Anushka personally. Maybe they looked good together, but whatever the outcome of their love story, let it not affect their respective careers. As much I love watching Virat Kohli perform on the field, I equally love watching Anushka Sharma on the big screen, wouldn’t want any of them to compromise on performance.

My guess is Anushka isn’t a good multi-tasker, hence ended her relationship with Virat for her career. Heard that Virat is still trying to woo his lady love. My best wishes are with him, Anushka could not have a better catch.

Go Virat! Go!

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  1. This is so funny. Why even anyone is bothered? It is their personal life, let them do what they want to 🙂

    1. As a cricket fan..I’d be a little concerned if Virat doesn’t perform on field..else if he can maintain good form on and off the field..nothing like it! good for him. What say Kriti ? :p

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