Part 5 – Not Quite Dinner time

7.5 minutes later, walking down the stairs

“there’s Manisha” her father said

I turned around to see, she’s wearing a blue sleeveless dress with a little shawl covering her otherwise exposed arms. She smiles “sorry, did I take too long?”

“not at all.. ready to go?”

“You kids have fun” her mom wished us

“Don’t be naughty” her little brother said as we walked out of the house

“that’s something I tell him before he goes to his friends house to play, he is just throwing one back at me” she tells me as we get into the car

“you have one adorable brother and your parents are so cool”

“thanks and he showed me the chocolate you gave him”

“he may keep a piece for you”

“fat chance, he must have finished it by now…”

“I have one more if you like” 🙂

I rolled down the windows half way as soon as we got onto the highway

“so where are we going?”

“there’s a new place opened, I thought it would be nice to try it out”

“Late Night Kitchen” we both said together

“You’ve been there?”

“No, but I heard that the food is really good, a few of my friends have been there, I was hoping to dine there sometime but heard the place is always full and you need to reserve a table at least 2 days in advance”

she continued; “how did you manage a reservation at such short notice?”

“The owner of the hotel happens to be my school classmate, lets say he’s doing his old chum a favor”

“wow, you’ll go a long way back?”

“yeah, in fact he got married just last year”

..and we continued chatting all the way to the hotel. Time does pass when you’re having a good time. Manisha was an excellent conversationalist. I was no less but its good to listen sometimes. It was around 8.30 when we finally reached the restaurant

L.N.K was the place to be, practically everyone we knew was there, considering the fact that the restaurant was quite a distance away from the main city. If ever there was a pictorial representation of the word socialite, this restaurant was it. We were shown to our table on the freshly watered lawns, A round table with a candle in between us under the starry sky with soft music being played in the background…just as I had imagined it.

A glass of wine down each, she asked me “shall we dance?” as we noticed other couples dancing to the music provided by the band.

“Dance? ahem! you should know I am not one of the best when it comes to dancing”

“I’ll guide have nothing to worry, come on’, I love the music they’re playing”

I believed her and we got up. The next few minutes were the most joyous moments I have spent on a dance floor. This dinner date was going on much better than what I had anticipated

…and we still hadn’t had our dinner as yet!

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