Painting towns/villages RED

Seeing so much love around..I could puke! Public Displays of affection to its hilt!

Never seen so many people wear RED on a single day, red shirts, red dresses, red roses..and what not!

Even I own a red shirt but I decided to go with pink 🙂

I think I’ve seen almost everything..

…and wait! I forgot to mention,2 days prior to Valentine’s, I saw a girl at a card gallery buying a Rs. 500 Valentine’s Day Card. Out of sheer curiosity, I asked the girl at the counter

“ get 500 rupees card’s nowadays”?

she replied..“we have cards up to 2000/- rupees as well”

“and people actually buy these cards”?

“they are the fast selling ones actually”

What not do people do for love nowadays?

…and should I mention…those cards were Red as well…hearts everywhere, one card even had a teddy bear coming out of it when opened, my guess would be..that’s the 2000 rupees card!

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