Pigeons have been flying into my bedroom, sitting on the cupboard which is close to the window and on seeing anyone entering the room, they fly away.
They started with sitting on the window sill, now they are on top the cupboard..I live on the 3rd floor of a building..

Any reason you could think of why they keep coming. Keeping the window open these days is not such a good idea because of the pigeons. I know they are harmless..but still?

I’ve tried googling about it and the best answer I’ve found is
This is most likely a very good sign, as pigeons are known as the nicest symbol in bird folklore.

Pigeons are symbols of love and marital bliss as well as happiness in the home, so you seeing this bird probably indicates some form of good fortune to come.

There are some more indicators which may help narrow down the symbolism: 6

– If the pigeon landed on the roof of a house, a member of that household will either be married or start an important romantic relationship 

– If the pigeon flew towards you, it means your relationship or love life will go very well in the near future

– If the pigeon flew away from you it means things will seem a bit negative romantically but this is just a minor setback and something or someone good is on their way.

– The higher a bird flies the better the omen.

Nothing is said about, if it sits on your cupboard or on the window sill..!

Do pigeons like to be in contact with humans? What’s their story?

I read somewhere on the Internet “Pigeons know more than we think – and think more than we know”

Any pigeon/bird lovers here?

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  1. I think it’s more of an irritation having to see millions and millions of these restless birds, entering and leaving my room through the balcony.
    Seems very annoying, specially the way they have acquired the place of every single bird I ever dream waking up to. I don’t hate them, but don’t like them either.

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