The French connection

Of late I have been listening to french music on YouTube, it really does not make any sense to me coz I don’t understand the language.. but there’s something about their music that is soooooooooo good! gets me on a high kinda 🙂 I don’t know if its the singer or the beat of the song.

I might have learnt French as a subject in school but I can’t really go far in conversation in french other than parlez-vous français which means do you know french (asking such a question in France would be plain stupid) and je t’aime which means I love you (now this could be useful in France). French by far is the sexiest language I have attempted to speak, the very little knowledge I have of it 🙂 I was pretty good in grammar tho’. Yes, I said ‘was’, don’t think of quizzing me now! 😀
I would shamelessly have to admit that I miraculously passed French in my 10th board exams, this would have been only be possible because of my better understanding of french grammar. Must have scored the marks there! ..and I did write a little note at the end of the answer sheet too..

Coming to the music..
I’m gonna share with you all 3 videos, 3 different french artists..all female 🙂 tell me what you think about the music..the beat..or the singer, coz seriously..french girls are just..what can I say! Soooooooooo goooooooooood!!

  1. Alizée – French singer, dancer and voice actress. She’s 31 now but she sang this song when she was just 16. Boy, was she pretty then! [check out the red fish on her butt 😀 ] Do you know what J’en Ai Marre means in English? It means I am fedup. See how sexy it sounds in French?


2. Vanessa Paradis – Another early bloomer in her singing career. She sang this song Joe le Taxi when she was 15. What a talent, equally beautiful song. Little kitten they called her. She’s 43 now


3.  Lolita Jolie, no idea who she really is. Wait…google says she’s a German singer of Polish descent. She sings in French with a German accent. Found her music when browsing thru YouTube. Liked the beat to this song..tho’ not too much in terms of lyrics, makes for easy singing 🙂

I don’t know why she keeps saying ‘ I just wanna dance’ isn’t that what she’s doing? duh!


au revoir 🙂 [ showing off my little knowlege of French 😀

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