Not married as yet!?

“she’s not married till now? something must be definitely wrong”

If you think girls are more at the receiving end of these kinds of such gossip, well men are not too far away from such ideal talk, they are equally made targets of cheap talk.
There are equal no of girls and boys who are of marriageable age and still not married.. what’s the deal?

Are they just not interested?
Are they unable to find a suitable partner?
Is age a factor?
Is work/job/salary/status a factor?
Are they waiting for the right time? If so, is there ever a right time?

Talking about myself, I am well into my mid-30’s, single, unmarried..neither a steady past relationship I can boast of nor a current or future one I can think about. All I can talk about is my work, my friends and my family.

God dammit! Some people don’t even have that!

It’s true, 80-85% of my friends are married, many having children of their own..settled in some country of the world.
I wanna ask a question here; Still-Single-576x576.jpg
(a) Being married, is that all to life?
(b) Does it guarantee you happiness?
(c) Are we living our lives as per other people’s views and opinions?

I have seen people absolutely mess up their life after marriage, total DISASTER!

Marriage is a union of two persons. While some people are called to the sacrament of marriage early, others take much longer. It may eventually happen or never happen. It’s all God’s plan..he knows what is best for us, doesn’t he?

Just because some people aren’t married according to the rules of the society (certain age.. etc) does not make them any less important. We love ourselves too much to self destruct, with the wrong person, wrong time or under the wrong circumstances.

8 Replies to “Not married as yet!?”

  1. Bravo, I like your spirit! Never marry to make others happy or to shut gossip. Take your sweet time, find the right person and then go ahead without waiting for others’ approval. If you are worried about a late child, then you can freeze your eggs too! Good luck and God bless!

    1. This was a general post…I know a lot of girls who r still unmarried…well the freezing of their eggs..good option!

  2. Marriage is compulsory in India. You just gotta get married or you are doomed. Crazy mentality.

  3. There is no guarantee to happiness either way, but by being single you won’t blame anybody at least 🙂

    1. In another marriage one can play the blame-game :p

  4. Let’s not allow people to make judgement on our status… Married or not married… If a person is happy, nothing else matters😀

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