What is Prayer?


Prayer doesn’t just happen when we kneel or put hands together and focus and expect things from God


Thinking positive and wishing good for othersThat is Prayer

When you hug a friend That’s a Prayer

When you cook something to nourish family & friends That’s a prayer

When we send off our near & dear ones and say ‘Drive safely’ or ‘Be safe’That’s a prayer

When you are helping someone in need by giving your time and energy You are praying

Praying is a Vibration – A feeling – A thought

Prayer is the voice of love, friendship, genuine relationships.

4 Replies to “What is Prayer?”

  1. In India, closing eyes, standing in front of God’s Frame, that pose of namastey, and this is it. this is the way everyone prays here. according to me this ain’t right.

    1. Yeah, its the small things we do for people that are really counted. What’s the use, you go to a church/temple/mosque etc and pray for peace or goodwill or for someone’s good health and u go back home and condemn your neighbor or plan a revenge on a family member!

      1. exactly, this is what is wrong with the society these days…. people has to understand the value of each other, we need to work harder for ourselves….

  2. true indeed! one should have a pure heart for wish/prayer.. a heart with heartburns & pickerings cannot pray out loudly.. it is equivalent to people are blabbering with no impact of their words around them.

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