In the Right Spirit!

I just returned from watching the movie ‘Neerja’. A really really good movie. It’s so good to see the trend of Hindi movies based on true incidents, it is definitely a positive sign that some important stories are being told.

I gave ‘Airlift’ a miss a few weeks ago but thought that ‘Neerja’ was not a movie to miss out on..and I wasn’t disappointed. I wasn’t really familiar with this story and its only now, that after the movie will I google to find out the real story.

I thought Sonam Kapoor played her part really well. What a brilliant movie. If you haven’t watched the movie as yet, its high time you did.

A story of the triumph of the human spirit.

I can’t understand why a film like this would be banned in Pakistan..!!


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  1. The real story tells the tale of a courageous and brave woman. I’m happy to read that the movie does justice to the real story.
    I watched Airlift a couple of weeks back and I wasn’t disappointed at all. It’s great to see Bollywood releasing sensible movies like these.

    1. the whole theater went very quiet as the movie went along..

  2. I wanted to know how it was & here is the answer. I want to watch it now.
    I didn’t know it was banned in Pak.

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