Watch the video before reading further.. 🙂

I too, would like to play the piano and sing for a beautiful lady at the cafe of an airport.. (like Rishi Kapoor does in the movie)

..but neither do I know how to play the piano nor am I blessed with a wonderful voice. Trust me, I have tried singing and I sound nothing close to the video here :p

A perfect example of how a Bollywood scene can make a person think too much :p and them bam!!!! reality hits him 😀 “I can’t sing like him”!

I like the lyrics of the song tho’

मैं शायर तो नहीं…मैं शायर तो नहीं, मगर ऐ हसीं

जब से देखा मैंने तुझको, मुझको शायरी आ गयी

मैं शायर तो नहीं
प्यार का नाम, मैंने सुना था मगर

प्यार क्या है, ये मुझको को नहीं थी खबर

मैं तो उलझा रहा, उलझनों की तरह

दोस्तों में रहा, दुश्मनों की तरह

मैं दुश्मन तो नहीं, मगर ऐ हसीं

जबसे देखा मैंने तुझको, मुझको दोस्ती आ गयी

मैं शायर तो नहीं!

The English translation of which looks like this…thanks to Google Translator (Google really saves lives)

I am not a poet..but my beautiful
Ever since I saw thee, poetry came to me
I am not a poet

The name of love, but I had heard
What is love, it was not new to me
I ‘m so confused, like entanglements
Old friends, like enemies
I’m not the enemy, but my beautiful
Ever since I saw thee, it brought me friendship

The English version sound screwed up, doesn’t it? …the Hindi version sounds so much cooler!