Ready…Set..Go…well not quite! ~2

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My bags were all packed and ready, I was ready …but I never quite made it to the International Airport to catch my flight in the wee hours of the morning.

The phone rang at around 12.15 a.m, I remember the time because I looked at the digital clock and wondered who could be calling at this ungodly hour.

the voice on the other side seemed to be very tense

“Martha..Martha, is that you..Candice..Candice..has she left for the airport?

“Aunty Maggie, this is Candice, how are you? Why are u sounding so tense?

“…there has been a firing..shooting..people are killed at V.T station..some attack..please don’t leave the house at any cost..stay indoors”

“whatttt!! this can’t be happeneing…but I have a flight to catch in….”

(shouting from the living room mummyyyyyyy..daddddyyyy, aunty maggie on the phone…there has been a shooting at V.T, some sort of an attack..but I have a flight to catch, how will I go?)

Rushing to the phone..Maggie what is it? After relating almost the same thing to my mother again..

Hearing all the high pitch sounds that my mom was making on the phone, my brother woke up too

“What’s going on..doesn’t anyone here want to sleep?”

In the meantime dad quickly switched on the TV for the latest updates. I was visibly very upset, considering my flight was to take off in less than 5 hours, how would I reach the Airport? We all sat in front of the television…

After mom put the phone down, she looks at me, “you’re not going anywhere education or job is more important than your life”

Why is everyone awake at this time? Allan turned his eyes on the television which was quite loud in volume “dad, normal sleep at this time, the TV is too loudwait!! what’s going on here? as he sat to watch updates flashing on the screen, all news channels had just one news flashing on their screens ‘Mumbai was under attack’ 

…yes my city was yet again in trouble as Allan kept on asking questions on how, who, why, where etc…

shhhhh.. my dad said, I’m watching

“Allan please, we’re trying to watch here…”

Alan..she suddenly remembered, Oh My God…AlanAlan

What? why are you talking now?… we’re all watching right? barked her brother

Not dumbo, friend. I told him to come to the airport..he….he…he….she looks for her phone..this cannot be possibly happening…

Where is my phone??


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  1. This is getting pretty interesting… 😄

    1. My faithful reader n commentor 😀

      1. Hehe… 😊. Can’t help it.

        1. It’s perfect! Don’t stop… 😉

          1. I like your persistence 😁😁

      1. Well let’s see, I have a few options 😉 if u we’re in my place how would u take it forward?

        1. Haha… Very smart! It’s your story so I’m just going to sit back, relax and wait for the next chapter 😉.

          1. …and I thought u we’re my friend 😆

          2. Well that’s what friends do 😝. You see I’m encouraging you to write. 😁

          3. Ya..ya! I’m so inspired by your encouraging words 😉 what would I do without you? 😂😂😂

          4. Lol! Exactly! 😂😆

  2. The phone that goes missing at the wrong time!

    Btw i nominated you for an award! Check it out! 🙂

    1. Doesn’t that always happen? Was just reading your award post when d notification popped up

      1. It sure does!
        Oh lucky timing i guess! 🙂

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