…the inevitable happy ending ~the final part

After frantically searching for her phone for 10 minutes, she remembered she had kept it by the side of her pillow, she rushed to the bedroom.. unlocked the phone to see 5 miscalls from Alan.

Alan was trying to call me, she immediately called back the number but there was no response..she kept trying but with no luck. Every time she tried with no response from the other side, her tears multiplied.

“don’t worry, Alan will be just fine…he’s a brave boy!” her mother tried to comfort her

“you know mama, I insisted that he come to the airport to see me off..and I don’t know where he is now..he’s not even picking up his phone” she said in between her sobs and her now runny nose

She kept trying his number only to have no response…

A few more hours passed by, my brother had dozed off on the couch while mum and dad went back to sleep. I couldn’t manage to get myself to sleep…I stood out in the gallery, looking above at the sky and whispering a silent prayer

It was almost 5 when I heard someone knocking at the main door

It wasn’t very clear who was the other side from the peep hole, I used the door chain and opened the door a little. On the other side was Alan

I quickly opened the door, let him in and hugged him tightly for a good 5 minutes “Thank God you’re safe…where were you.. I tried calling you…forget all that, I’m just happy you’re here” and gave him a peck on the cheek

“I come at 5 in the morning and I get a hug AND a kiss… and you almost suffocated me there…” he smiled…and I punched him

“Why are your eyes swollen candyball?” he asked  “Were you crying?”

yes, I was …for you …stupid (I threw the cushion pillow on him)

Let me make a cup of tea for you

have you ever made tea before…? let me help you with that 🙂 …as we later sat out in the gallery sipping tea, talking and waiting for the sun to rise, not too long from now

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  1. …not the best in terms of what I can come with..I’ll have to admit. What to do..I am kind of a sucker when it comes to happy endings 🙂 Maybe its time to try out a different genre…horror and mystery maybe! Now, let’s see how that goes. Guess I’ve got enough of my characters married here, some engaged…while others sipping coffee in the girls balcony in the wee hours of the morning! Too much of romance can be injurious to the health too 🙂
    – Savio (author/owner of the..extra..aaamile)

  2. Lol! It ended too soon… 😬

    1. I didn’t want to drag it..

      1. In other words you were lazy 😂

        1. Well, as much as I wouldn’t like to admit it…I think you’re right. You’re good u know 😄😄
          Good morning my dear 😉

          1. Haha… Have a lovely day! 😄

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