Goin' the Extra..aaamile

…and if anyone forces you to go one mile, go also the second mile

The pesky sister

“Here’s a first…there’s food on the table and you’re not eating it”

“I’m not hungry”

“Uh-oh girl trouble”

“It’s Veronica”

“you screwed up, didn’t you”

“I don’t know…it was the perfect moment, we started kissing and…”

“wait a sec…DO I wanna hear the end of that?”

“…and you’re kissing girls now? does mom and dad know?” hahahahaha

“okay..go on”

“her tongue started getting in the way and it felt weird”

“that’s hoowww you kiss”

“it surely wasn’t the same way Elisha & I kissed” he said to himself

“did I hear Elisha? You kissed Elisha..and then you kissed Veronica? Oh boy!

“it was just to show me how to kiss, I wanted to do it right”

“let me see if I got this right.. you kissed Elisha to learn how to kiss Veronica?”

“Does mum & dad know you’re on thissss….so called kissing spree?”

“mum&dad, mum&dad..what’s with you and mum&dad huh..does mum&dad know…

Mum & Dad entering the kitchen

“Mum and Dad what…?” looking at Lorraine and Ceaser

“Ceaser’s kissing girls”

“Lorrrryyyyy!” Ceaser shouted



Dad looked at Ceaser, “Son, its time we need to have a talk”

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