Aim for the SKY!

Her luggage was all packed and ready. As the time of her departure drew closer, she asked herself one last time if she really wanted to go. The thought of leaving behind her family, friends and everyone that mattered to her was painful! But then it was her dream to go abroad for further studies, this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and she knew she couldn’t let go of it. She took a deep breath, hugged her dad and mum real tight and said;

“As the plane passes over, I’ll wave out to you from my window, wave out back to me okay”

she bid goodbye and as her flight took off she knew in her heart that she was a girl that always aimed for the sky and settled for nothing less!

As the plane flew overhead, her parents waved out, looking upwards from their  living room gallery. If they only knew that it would be the last time they would wave out to their daughter.

It was another story that the plane never touched down on land again.

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  1. A very sad one! 🙁

    1. …that’s two back-to-back sad posts. Maybe I need to change it around with my next post 😉

      1. Today there seems to be quite a change 😉

    2. ThankYou for reading…means a lot 😊

      1. Pleasure is all mine 😊

  2. It reminds me the story of Neerja. 🙁

    1. I really didn’t have that in mind…but now that you reminded me. The similarity is there. ThankYou for reading Sumit.

  3. That’s the first one of yours that made me sad but touched me deeply…
    You’re indeed a VERSATILE BLOGGER.

    1. thankyou for your kind comments

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