Love at first errr…erection

“damn! the electricity sux.. this is the 6th time this week” I told myself

Searching the kitchen drawers “…what a time to run out of candles”..I’ll ask next door, what better time than now to meet the neighbor”

There was no response after a couple of knocks. I decided to knock a little harder on the door latch..the door was opened and I hadn’t even realised.

“Ouch” he said

He had a weird expression on his face “Hiiii…elllooo, I am Suzy, your next door neigghhhh….”

Standing in front of me is a well..a man, a good man..a young man, but why was he almost naked? He had his jockeys on, he had not a single hair on his chest. Yes, I was leering.

“Excuse Me” he asked…

He was definitely in some kind of pain…I asked him “Is everything alright?”

“You knocked on me…!” he said

“I am extremely sorry, I didn’t mean to knock your….you” I sounded sincere

“I have some vaseline…” I went back into the pitch darkness of my apartment. A few things dropped but I managed to lay my hands on the bottle.

“Here it is…”

As I stood there in front of his door, I noticed his jockeys swell

I liked what I saw

He didn’t seem to want to cover up

It was dark, barring a few candles burning in his apartmentcandle.png

a few seconds passed, he broke the silence “Maybe I can lend you a candle”

“…Yes a candle…a long one if you have one… errr…. I mean a long lasting one…”

“or maybe you would like to come in and sit down, till the current gets back” he suggested

“Yes, I’d like that… I mean…that’d be nice, thankyou”

Wearing lounge shorts always made me feel comfortable, it seemed a little different tonight tho’

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