“You might remember…?”

Of late I have been meeting people from ‘my past’ (school/college classmates, ex colleagues etc..) and its natural that they wanna talk..like you know.. stuff like what’s going on in your life etc. VERY BORING! I have skipped 3 re-unions, who needs that? 

A very common phrase commonly used by all is ” you might remember….” NO Sorry I don’t…I don’t remember much from my past, unless I was part of it. Who dated whom, who screwed whom and who topped the class, who got a promotion etc are things I really, really don’t remember. I might have a faint idea though..that’s about it.

I guess all the people who thought they knew me, thought of me as someone who was in the know of whatever happened..basically the person who knew all the gossip. The truth being, I was never bothered, why would I have been..didn’t I have my own life to live even back then?

I have been added to this Whats app group (our batch) of the school that I went to..Loyola School (an all boys school). Tho’ I exited the group once, I was re-added. I don’t contribute much to the group besides wishing others for their birthdays and at festivals. I am the silent spectator…and Oh Boy! can guys gossip better than girls.

So if you’re someone from ‘my past’ reading this.. (tho’ the chances are very slim) this blog, though very much PUBLIC hasn’t really reached the address bars of my classmates/friends computer screens, which is good in a way!

I have always maintained a low profile right from my school days up to now. It is surprising that many people know me and I don’t recognize them…and NO its not because of my parents (a lot of people know them).

One day I was stopped on the beach by two girls (this happened during college days) and asked “Are you Savio? Like Savio Paes from so and so college”..yes those were her exact words.

Another instance was on chat “Savio, don’t you remember me, we met at so and so place” I didn’t remember her so I inquired more..she seemed disappointed and never replied back. Now what’s my fault in that?

A third instance was; A girl got in touch with one of my friends thru FB..told him that she would like to get to know me better. Of course my friends interpretation was ‘dude, a hot chick digs you..here’s her fb link-msg her’. Tho’ the initial chats went well, it never took off..I didn’t get the right vibes.

It’s not that I didn’t have my chances…I wouldn’t say I blew them, it just wasn’t meant to me. The End Result, they are all married and me? Happy Single 🙂
I have met these people, of course after they are married now (happily or not, I can’t say!). There’s something about girls sharing secrets of their spinster life, having nothing to fear now.

I have never gone third base or the Home run with a girl..so at least I won’t get an unexpected call from a girl saying that I am father to her kid. I suppose I wouldn’t forget a thing like that…that’s one memory not many forget 😀  on the other hand some people have real problems I tell you!

This post seems to have taken a different angle..I’ll stop, before I spill out more 😀




I don’t believe I’ve written a post this directionless 😀 I need to get a grip of myself!!

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  1. Awwww. A dude with no self-awareness is cool, and very attractive to women… just sayn’. lol

    1. Really!? I didn’t know that 🙂 that explains the stuff that’s been happening…

  2. Woooaah! You’ve taken us on a nice walk, lanes of memories and then went direct into the un-Share-able zone 😏😜 Interesting!

    1. …yup, that’s where I thought I’d lost it 😉😉 thanks for reading 😄 glad I found it interesting 😀

  3. I loved this writeup because it is exactly how things are with me! I dont remeber many people from school nor did i attened any reunion of school, degree college and later MBA college.. beacuse i feel whoever should be in touch will automatically make efforts to do so without the mediums like reunion gettogetgers and constant hi hello pings.. and same goes true with us! I believe u can not take along all ur friends with you as you move on in life.. some friendships lose the charms others lose the motive… and what stays back is the real friendship .. for which u really dont need to do extravagant things to keep it going….i will stop here… subhe subhe bohot bada lecture ho gaya 😄😉

    1. Aditi, that’s very sweet of you to share 🙂 have a wonderful day ahead 🙂

  4. Ha ha ha. Had me smiling right from the beginning and it developed into a wide toothy grin. Two points.
    1. You just need to post the link of this post on your school’s whatsapp group to get your classmates reading and talking. 😀
    2. You behave so honestly when gals approach you and then you sometimes lament on posts that you’re single. C’mon man, grab the lifelines life is throwing at you.
    Nice post though. Loved it. Have a great day. God bless. 🙂

    1. Point 1…no way! :p Point 2, yes I am learning 🙂 thanks for reading

      1. Ha ha. All the best. 😉

  5. This is so much me.. 😀 ..Funny!!

    1. hahaha, *same pinch* then :p

  6. Looks like someday you are going to ask me who are you? 😂

      1. Haha… What do you think? 😆

        1. putting the ball back in my court…huh!! Very smart…lets play ball!! 🙂

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