Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

They both found themselves out of work, first Myra and then 2 weeks later Allister. It wasn’t the ideal situation, especially since it was just a month ago since Allister found out that Myra was going the family way. He said to himself;

“Why do bad things happen to good people?”

Myra was equally tensed. On one such occasion in the middle of the night, Allister found Myra kneeling down and crying in front of the altar in the living room when he got up to drink a glass of water.
Looking at Myra kneeling down, tears flowing from her eyes, he put his arm around Myra said

“don’t worry, like many of life’s tough phases we’ve overcome, this phase too shall pass away” fully aware of the situation in which they found themselves in.

Myra was a devout catholic, she always believed that God had a hand in whatever went on in their lives, even behind this sudden turn of events of she and her husband, both losing their jobs in the space of less than a month.

“God has a plan for us” she finally said after wiping her tears.

“He could have planned it better.. he does know our situation right?”

She made the sign of the cross and got up “Let’s go to sleep, its late” she said

As much as they tried to comfort and be there for each other, by themselves they knew this would be the toughest time they would have to endure, especially the 8 months looking ahead.




I’ve found that when most people ask this question, there’s a hidden personal pronoun in it.  It usually is “Why do [you God, let…] bad things happen to people?

To think of it, I have never quite understood this statement fully. Why would people say that God lets bad things happen to them? Lets see now, if I have to analyse it, I would look at this question in two ways:

Firstly, technically speaking there are no good people 🙂 so the whole question itself does not make sense

Secondly, we are mistaken when we use the word ‘good’. I’d say there are decent people who are very nice (not necessarily good). They are honest, don’t lie, don’t steal, and treat people very well. So, though they aren’t perfect, they are trying to do what’s right. So why would God allow bad things to happen to them?

Did I make sense?

I’d have to agree, yes sometimes bad things happen to people who seem undeserving of them, but God allows things to happen for His reasons, whether or not we understand them.

If I look at my own life, a lot of things have happened for which I think I did not deserve the treatment dished out, but I’ve let go…it wasn’t easy but I’ve let it go..and that is why I don’t really dwell too much into the past, be it..the person, the job or the situation. All that I have taken from the past are the lessons which I try to improve on in my present and future, but it does irritate me to a great extent when a face of the past comes in front of me NOW, I might have moved on and even forgiven a few along the way but I surely haven’t forgotten.

My dad says I might still have a long list of people who I’ve not let go as yet and I think he’s right, for just the other day at the jogging track I saw my college Economics teacher in the opposite direction..Gawd!! How much I still hate her TILL TODAY.

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  1. Bad things do happen to Good people, but the answer lies in the fact that “being good” is extremely subjective. I may think I am good, but others may not (for whatever reasons!) Also, God has his own appraisal for us which we will never understand.. karmic cycle if you believe in it.
    But the key is, grab the learning and let it go – don’t dwell on it.. move on.. neki kar darya me daal!

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