the one last time…

She poured out her heart to me..and as always I was there for her…she said she needed to talk, and we talked..a lot. We met at our favorite joint ‘Soft Cushions’, a little away from the hustle bustle of the city. She always liked the corner sofa for its extra soft cushions and the fact that they had dim lighting made it her favorite spot!

“see you in an hour at Cushions”

“this must be a really long talk, the sofa at the corner?” I asked

“yup as always” 🙂

“but…those cushions are like really soft, I kinda go right in..I’ll be there”

He was already there when I was parking my bike. Being regulars at “Cushions” the waiters knew our orders by heart. As we passed the food counter, the waiter asked

“Will it be the usual Ma’am?”

“Yes that and a lot of privacy” I smiled as we walked to our favorite corner

There was something distinctly different in Riya’s behavior, I couldn’t point on anything in particular that made her smile more. When I asked her what was special today? She replied saying that she was always happy when we spent time together. I told her that she was the bestest friend that anyone could have and that I was lucky to have her in my life. It was true, we did share liked this PERFECT friendship. We spoke about the good times we shared, when we first met in college and found ourselves sitting next to each other on the same bench, how we became friends to good friends and the fact that till this day we were best friends and shared all our deepest secrets with each other.

The Next Morning – 9.30am

Sitting on the bed, holding the card in my left hand, attached to it is a note. It read:

hi baby!

good morning! A glass of your favorite cold coffee is in the fridge, there is more in the container next to it.. I know you always like it cold.

Thank you for the wonderful time we spent together since last evening, it was very special, it meant a lot to me. What you’re holding in your other hand is my wedding invitation card. Yes, I am getting married in 2 days. By the time you read this, I’ll be on a flight to New York. All I wanted is a fitting end to a beautiful relationship we shared, I have always loved you but guess you only saw me as your best friend.

Remember you asked me “what was special today” I came with the intention of telling you my true feelings for you but when you said I was the bestest friend that anyone could have and that you were lucky to have me in your life, I understood you’ll never see me more than, ‘as a best friend’

“What is the meaning of this?” …as I recollected all of the previous evening’s events.

I get on to my phone to send her a message on whats app, scrolling up and down the contact list…how did her number disappear?

Trying to remember the number;

What was her number again?? 9 0 4 6 1 5…. 2? damn it!! 

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  1. Nice one. Reverse-friendzone!

    1. …tired something different 😉

    1. There need not be a next chapter my dear 😉 you’re always looking for more, aren’t you? 😄😄😄 now u put me under pressure 😂😂

      1. Yeah… It’s interesting. You’ve set your level on high so the expectations are even higher each time 😂.

  2. Twist in the story!! 😉

  3. Super…! You ought to write the next chapter…. lookinh fwd to some drama..

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