Kapoor & Sons – The Movie

People have been saying, it is the most honest & relatable family movie ever made in Bollywood.
To an extent, maybe its true..a dysfunctional family, fights, a love story…emotional drama etc..etc.. etc..
Why I thought ‘Kapoor & Sons was a good movie but in a very average way.

To begin with, I never knew families like this exist in India. For the director to actually come out with a  script like this, he would have needed an idea..and that idea has surely not come out at looking at families in India. THIS MOVIE IS NOT RELATABLE to Indians.. In countries abroad – YES, most families are fucked up! I haven’t been privileged to see one in India as yet. Small fights, misunderstandings do happen in every family but parents arguing at every given opportunity and that ending up in a fight, I thought it was really stupid!! Seeing the parents argue was seriously annoying.
I thought the location of the movie was good, great backdrop, good cast..the story well.. like I said..so-so!  Songs too I thought, were average.

Personally I wouldn’t say it was a great film by any standard, I could not relate to it. I thought Rishi Kapoor was a class apart, the cutest Daddu ever 🙂 
Besides Daddu, I think the dog was the best in the film, followed by Alia Bhatt. Fawad Khan, seriously! who is this guy? (Okay! I just googled..he’s not Indian, he’s from Pakistan..his performance was more like that of the Pakistan Cricket Team, looks good from far but fails to deliver – he really can’t act!) Sidharth was ok! Rajat Kapoor works well within himself and Ratna Pathak Shah..someone tell her to retire from Indian Cinema pls!

…and yes, one more thing..who keeps their laptop unlocked without a password nowadays? (Rahul’s mother looking through his photographs on his laptop) ..what followed that, was something I really did not expect!

Looking forward to Ki & Ka and Baaghi (Shradha Kapoor <3 )


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  1. Hmmm…. ok… now m not sure if i want to watch this movie… all thanks to Savio 😛

    1. Aditi 🙂 go and watch the movie…good girl 🙂

  2. So you do review movies on the blog! Maybe you should do that more often. We could use the insights. 😀
    I wasn’t even looking forward to this film so won’t go, obviously. Most Bollywood films’ plots are so worn-out and predictable that spending money after them seems a waste to me (although I’ve wasted my fair share). And so I’m not looking forward to the other two you mentioned too, though that’s just my own two cents and you can definite disagree.

    1. It’s the plot that excites me for Ki & Ka..as for Baagi ♡ Shradha Kapoor

      1. For me both would be duds I guess. Gender role-reversal with such “great” actors as Ki and Ka has isn’t going to be great I guess. The only saving grace could be R Balki’s direction.
        For Baagi and its lead hero, the less said the better. 😛

        1. I’ll be watching Baaghi only for the love of Sharadha Kapoor, I agree with you on its lead hero 🙂

          1. Lol!!! No further comments needed.

  3. You have got to be in a minority to say that you don’t know Fawad Khan and telling Ratna Pathak Shah to retire! Holy schmoly she can give most actresses a complex. Have you seen Sarabhai vs Sarabhai? To be honest, I think it’s a misnomer to say dysfunctional families exist only in west. You have not had that experience thankfully but most families who go through shit keep it very well hidden in fear of ‘society’.
    So, to summarize, I respectfully disagree with you. 🙂

    1. Its true I’ve not had the experience (thankfully)..and as far as Ratna Pathak, of course Sarabhai vs Sarabhai was good (but that was some time ago, wasn’t it?)..and she IS growing old. I don’t follow celebrities too much, so I’m not surprised I haven’t heard of Fawad before 🙂

      1. Even Meryl Streep is old. Barely makes a difference. Ratna and Supriya Pathak are such bad-ass women, solid actors who don’t let grey hair and age stand in their way. Respect!

  4. Haha, a funny take on the movie. Yes, who keeps the system unlocked these days?

    Btw, i have seen parents fighting (too much) in India too…but we don’t see such examples often!

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