Team INDIA..stay afloat! #WT20


Brett Lee had predicted MID SHOW…“India will win..only just”
…oh boy!! …and didn’t India win by only JUST!!!

I can hear people burning firecrackers outside..and we’ve only defeated Bangladesh in the Super 10’s!! What a match!! 

I’m just too excited to even type out this blog post! OMG!! Yay!!  Yes!!Yes!!Yes!! India just manages to stay afloat, still yet to qualify for the semis though.

BIG BIG match..the next one! …and that’s against Australia

Congrats Team India! 

‘the moment…India WIN by 1 run!’

7 Replies to “Team INDIA..stay afloat! #WT20”

  1. Congratulations team India! What a win in #WT20 #IND vs #BAN!! #INDvBAN

      1. Wow!!! Bharat mata ke jai jai hind !!!

  2. What a match! This match is probably the definition of what is called nail biting.
    The last two overs, the two fours, two outs and Dhoni sprinting! It was terrific.
    It is definitely a game that’ll be remembered.

    1. Remembered for a long time…we defeat Pakistan first and defeat Bangladesh next in a cracker! I only hope India sails through against Australia next!.. Chak de India!

  3. Actually i think both india and pakistan has to beat australia if india has to enter the semis 🙂

    1. I know for one India HAS to beat Aus to enter..they are then on 6 points and they Qualify!

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