Seven things

“What are the seven things you’ll be proud when you are sixty?”

Taken this idea from a fellow blogger (Shreya Sharma) where she listed her 7 things that she’d be proud of when 60. I thought why not I jot down my 7 too..sounds a good idea.

Considering I have another 26 years more to go till I turn 60..I still have time 🙂



.. in no specific order!


(1) Work on my relationships & be more vocal about my feelings towards them…with family, friends and for those who mean a lot to me. I get kind of stuck when it comes to telling people what they mean to me…and am often misunderstood.

(2) Write a Novel. I have always wanted to write a book/novel. Will I be able to do that in the next 10 years…If I put my mind to it, surely it can. As for now, it remains a cherished dream

(3) FORGIVE. This could take a long time…truly forgive those who have hurt me over the last 34 years of my life. I have started… the list is quite long

(4)  Learn to DANCE. Yes please! Someone…anyone (females preferably 😀 ) Teach me to dance pls! Don’t tell me  to go for dance classes, if I’ve gotta learn to dance, it’s gotta be by someone who knows me well. I can be a very lazy student 🙂

(5) Be a Father of two precious Daughters. I’ll have to be a husband before that…so the sooner that happens the better 🙂 I don’t think I will be able to see myself single at 60.

(6) Travel around India. I love travelling..the more I travel, the better I feel. Exploring new places, experiencing different climates, meeting different kinds of people…and getting lost in a strange place. Sounds fun! Exciting.

(7) Read a 1000 BOOKS. I love reading…I believe I have read around 240 books so far, so looks like I’d cross 1000 easy. Sounds the most realistic of all.

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  1. Loved all the 7 points.
    The cutest being the “father of two daughters” !! 🙂

    1. thanks Shreya 😄😄

  2. Superb points… we have a few in common… writing novel… daughters.. travelling India & reading 1000 books

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