With the conclusion of the Holy Week (40 days of fasting) with Easter, its wedding time again in Goa. A few weddings lined up (okay! not few, 2 wedding invitations so far 😀 ).. A colleague of mine gets married in 12 days time…a very sweet girl 🙂 Though she is getting married in a church 33.9 kms from where I live, I wouldn’t miss it.

I’m not big on attendance when it comes to weddings but then there are some weddings I wouldn’t miss, simply because these people mean a lot to me.

Here’s the card below:


See the simplicity in the card? I liked it 🙂 I’ve encircled my name there in Red…why? Simply because it has MY NAME on it… 🙂 Well, I don’t get too many invitations in my name and it feels good to see my name on a card envelope… tho’ technically – Yes technically the ‘fly’ would indicate my family (my wife & kids) but since I’m still single…it means dad, mum and sis 🙂

There’s another wedding before that…I’m not going, I’m very picky for whose weddings I attend. Its a tragedy that I have a weak stomach when it comes to eating food from out..I really enjoy food served at Goan weddings.

Before that, I think I need to check if my suit pant fits, I might just be carrying a little bit of Easter weight around 🙂

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  1. Funny thing about me, I am never picky with weddings. I try to follow my parents to every wedding they go(since I never get an invitation to my name, too young for that)
    I love to dress up for weddings and parties 😍 and have lots and lots of food!😜

    1. Well, I guess we should go for a wedding together…maybe we’ll learn something from each other 😄😄😄

    2. How young is ‘young’?

      1. Young that nobody considers you as a separate person 😝 (just a kid , for everyone)
        You get invitations either in the name of your father or your family 😝

        1. Trust me, those r the best days.

  2. Have fun at the wedding and post photos! 😃

    1. Photos not sure, I’d like one with just the bride 😄😄if that’s possible 😉

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