Two Weddings…

Okay, so I have a situation here…

Invitations to 2 weddings, both on the same day and same time 🙂 Wow!! One in the North & the other in the South of Goa…really cool!!

This is like a bonus day for me.. yipeee!!! Now its obvious that I can’t be at two places at the same time…so I’ll have to attend the nuptials of one and the reception of the other. I get to see 2 brides on one day 🙂

My colleague just came over with the wedding card and he’s like;

“you must come for the wedding okay” and I look at the card…

9th of April..OMG! I have another wedding, but I promised I’ll make it either for the mass or the reception 🙂

So that’s two sets of gifts (gift shopping can be a real challenging task) I need to buy…phew!!

…and well I’ve just tried out my suit pant, it just about fits thankfully

that’s the latest invitation 🙂


4 Replies to “Two Weddings…”

  1. Love going to weddings! Such happy events! Can’t say I ever had 2 to go too on the same day tho! LOL! Glad you can make it to both of them! Enjoy!

  2. more bird watching 😉

    1. Oh yes! Hope to make friends with a few 🙂 I always have a compliment ready.

      1. hahaha… goodluck!

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