I was reading this post by Shoaib (no…no…not the Pakistan fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar or Shoaib Malik [Sania Mirza’s husband]) on Love..he says it was just a fun post, yes indeed it made for good reading, but if you read really carefully, he makes some really good points and puts out some valid questions [You can find his post HERE]

He writes “I was just wondering how would it really feel to fall in love. To blindly trust someone. To open my whole life in front of someone. Tell that person each and every single thing. Every secret that I have kept”

He further goes to ask rhetorical questions such as

  • Is it really possible to be someone’s priority? Their first and foremost priority?
  • Why would someone love me? What is there to love about me?
  • How would it feel to be loved by someone. To get all the affection that I always longed for. To feel it in my bones. How would it really feel? How love feels?

After reading his post, it brought back a few memories. I was in a relationship once, though the relationship shared was love, I didn’t quite fully understand the emotion they called LOVE… and when I finally did, it was too late.

She said she loved me for my caring ways, the way I made her feel…the little things I did that made her love me more…and while I understood all that she meant, I would often ask myself the question “How could she love a person like me?” No one ever before said these kind of things to me…was I really a good person? Did I really make her feel special? Was I really someone worth of being loved by another person? While I thought it was her raging hormones that did the speaking, it was actually coming out all straight from her heart…something that I didn’t realize.

But like its said, we only learn through experiences. Mistakes are never made twice..I believe I have learnt the lesson but will life give me another chance?

She opened her heart to me, she blindly trusted me, she confided in me..sometimes she would even share every little detail of her day with me.. and what did I do? I broke her heart! …and I didn’t even realize it!

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  1. Zap…!!!! Come out of the trauma!! Life will shower you with love again, for sure! Amen! And this time, you will care for it 🙂

    1. Trauma seems a little harsh a word to use…I keep reaching but when it comes to practice, its a little difficult..right?

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