Feedback time

My blog ‘theextraaamile‘ is about 4 years old now. I’ve never really asked for feedback, so maybe NOW would be a good time to ask for it.

I’ve tried creating a poll practically after searching the whole WordPress Dashboard inside out..I managed to find a way to create the link to put up here…hope it works!

You can use the link ‘Please Vote’ below 🙂

Please Vote

Though this poll I’ve created does not really give much of a choice in terms of what ‘you’ actually think or might want to say in terms of a may go the extraaa mile and use the comment section to do so.

Anything you say…will not be held against you 🙂

8 Replies to “Feedback time”

    1. good thing about polls is, you really don’t get to know who has clicked on which option. That’s good in a way, works well for me 😄😄😀

      1. Hahaha! Have a great weekend!

  1. I didn’t find the button I was interested to click on…

    Anyways, Just wanted to say,
    You have a Great Blog here, especially because you write from your heart and this shows up in your words. I really didn’t know you’ve been doing this since 4 years… Keep up the good work!
    Will look forward to read more amazing posts from you…

    Love, Teekay!

    1. Thanks dear, the options were General and not specific. Glad you commented here tho. It’s been 4 years since I started this blog, initially very irregular but then when I set my mind to was more regularly that I started posting. ThanKYou again 😉

      1. All the best!! Keep up the good work!😊

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