Feedback time

My blog ‘theextraaamile‘ is about 4 years old now. I’ve never really asked for feedback, so maybe NOW would be a good time to ask for it.

I’ve tried creating a poll practically after searching the whole WordPress Dashboard inside out..I managed to find a way to create the link to put up here…hope it works!

You can use the link ‘Please Vote’ below πŸ™‚

Please Vote

Though this poll I’ve created does not really give much of a choice in terms of what ‘you’ actually think or might want to say in terms of a may go the extraaa mile and use the comment section to do so.

Anything you say…will not be held against you πŸ™‚

8 thoughts on “Feedback time

  1. I didn’t find the button I was interested to click on…

    Anyways, Just wanted to say,
    You have a Great Blog here, especially because you write from your heart and this shows up in your words. I really didn’t know you’ve been doing this since 4 years… Keep up the good work!
    Will look forward to read more amazing posts from you…

    Love, Teekay!

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