Can Govinda Dance?

For those who don’t know who Govinda is, he’s said to be Bollywood’s most versatile dancer. I don’t know about the others, but I find his dance moves very hilarious.

I want to make a mention of one particular song ‘Kisi Disco Mein Jaaye from the movie Bade Miyan Chote Miyan’. In this song Govinda sports Leather pants while dancing.

Have a watch below:

This video is my go-to-video when I find myself in the always cheers me up. The above song I mentioned still remains one of Govinda’s most popuplar tracks along with another one ‘Ankhiyon se goli marey’

He’s 52 now, I haven’t watched any of his latest films (not sure if he has acted in any film recently starring as a hero) I may be no expert in dance moves but I’m sure if I were to dance like Govinda..I don’t think I’d have many viewers 🙂

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  1. I love Govinda’s moves…especially in the songs you mentioned. And in songs like ‘mere pyar ka ras zara chakhna’ and ‘soni ke nakhre sone lagde mainu’ 🙂

    1. I can see only the humorous side of it…he is different!! He & Raveena Tandon made a good pair 😉

      1. Yes, they did😀👍

        1. The last best Govinda’s performance would have been ‘Partner’ I guess…

  2. Hehe.. True😝🙈 nobody will!
    Bollywood does exaggerate things a bit.. Or too much😝🙈
    Govinda’s dancing is over rated.😜 or maybe he was a versatile dancer but songs like these never did him any justice😝☺️

  3. Lol Govinda’s dance has always made me laugh too! 😀

  4. He can dance. HE can fucking dance.
    You may wanna check out “soni de nakhre” from the film Partner.

    1. I watched most of his movies…I guess. I watched Partner..

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