Okay, so I’ve been looking around WordPress for new awards to do and nominate others to do the same (basically bug fellow bloggers)
…and I came across this award called ‘DEAR FUTURE ME TAG’

What is it all about? The Rules go something like this..

1. Tag your post under ‘dearfuturemetag’.

2. Write a letter to yourself and read again (and answer if you want) in one year.

3. Nominate a couple of other bloggers.

I’m gonna give this a try. I always loved (and still love) writing letters. I’d take writing letters anytime over writing emails.
Now writing a letter to myself…well, lets see 🙂

Okay, I’m going ahead ‘a year’ into the future. No wait, what changes in one year? At least in my life nothing does… I’ll try 5 years 🙂 [bending the RULE here a bit, by 4 years 🙂 ]

So here goes something I’ve never tried before 🙂

4th April 2021

Dear Future Me,

I guess it would be needless to begin this letter with ‘trust this letter finds you in the best of health’ like I always do. I suppose you’re doing just fine like you have always been, the happy-go-lucky-kinda-guy. I’ve been dying to ask you this… are you finally married? Did you buy that special ring for “her”? You should have saved enough by now.

What are you doing now? I mean where are you working? I trust you have moved to bigger and better things from that teaching job of yours. Do you still live in Goa? Its been a long time.

I can’t believe I’m writing this letter to you, do you have email? It would be easier and I can expect a reply back faster. What else is happening? How’s mum & dad?

Do you still blog? Still churning out those crazy ideas from your head and turning them into fictional stories? I’d love to write more but its time for my evening jog, can’t afford to miss that.
I hope you’re smiling while reading this because I would like to imagine you smiling and my letters aren’t that boring you see

You take care then dude, you’re 39..hope you’re doing your routine check up, you want to live 70+ right?

Sincerely Me

(5 years younger you)

I nominate: AditiSyeda and Sonali


4 Replies to “DEAR FUTURE ME TAG”

  1. Thanks for the challenge😀

    1. You come come memsaheb…you come come 😂😂😂

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