The Wedding night

Its one thing imagining different scenarios when it comes to having sex, but being right there with your wife, on your wedding night and you’re expected to have all the action, the pressure was building up slowly. Mario wasn’t nervous but he wasn’t all that relaxed either. Patricia was sitting on the bed while Mario found himself sitting on the sofa removing his socks and shoes.

“mind helping me pull down the zipper, I can’t reach behind”

Mario, now her husband helped her come out of her wedding dress which by no means was an easy task.

“that dress must be very heavy on you and you wore it all day today”

“that’s why it feels so good to get out of it” she replied, as he watched her walk towards the bathroom for her long awaited shower.

The more time she spent in the bathroom, the more time it gave him to think about ‘what comes next’. Not that he didn’t know, they had talked about it and she’d said that she wouldn’t mind doing it on the first night. He put his hand into his bag and took out a brand new underwear for the night, not that he was going to use it much. She would still see it. He chose a blue color, that was her favorite color.

It was already 1.15 in the morning by the time Mario had his shower while she was lying down on the bed waiting for him.

“are you gonna wear long pants to sleep?” she asked

He smiled, walked towards the light switch to turn the lights off, undid his pants and got under the sheets.

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    1. I do want to go one step further and stretch myself on how good can I make their first night memorable.
      Thanks for reading

  1. Beautiful one Savio😀👍

      1. Looking forward for a beautiful story ahead ..
        You’ll do amazing Savio…
        Good luck.👍

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