To ‘Her’

No other girl makes me feel the way you do…

the conversations…the feelings attached to them

the concern.. the care

for I see you in every thing I do

there’s not a day that goes through without many thoughts of you

No matter how long you make me wait, the days…the weeks…the years

I am saving all my love
Yes, I’m saving all my love…

for YOU <3

27 Replies to “To ‘Her’”

  1. Lovely poem! So who is the lucky girl? 😄

    1. someone’s getting inquisitive 🙂

        1. …and don’t I love that about you 😄😄😄

          1. Hahaha. Now get to the point! 😆

          2. I wanna follow your footsteps.. 😉😉😆😆 the all so lovely word ‘mystery’ 😄😄😄

          3. Hey be original! 😝

    2. Was that a poem? I write poems now? I thought they were just words I pulled out and put them together 🙂

      1. Don’t change the subject 😝

        1. Im not really good at this..Am I?

          1. Lol! Try harder next time 😂

    3. 😉😉😉😉😄😄😄😄

  2. Lovely! So who’s she? 😊😁

    1. 😄😄😉😉😛😛

  3. See everyone is curious to know about your that someone special. You shouldn’t feel shy now. It’s like an honest love proposal.

    1. I don’t believe she’s read it as yet…so the mystery remains for sometime more 😁

      1. Does this ‘she’ really exist or just an imagination? 😉

        1. She’s real…She’s definitely real 😙

          1. and is she a crush right or a simply a girl you love? <3

          2. Digging for more info…are we? Don’t worry, not everything I write is fiction.

          3. You know, to be honest, i too had someone to love blindly but though mine was heart breaking and pathetically one sided still i encourage people to love because i really care and respect that 4 letter word LOVE

  4. So beautiful, love is eternal.

  5. Love is eternal but are the humans?

      1. what does that mean? Diplomatic?

  6. I’m not sure of what to say…the hmmm would suggest that 😉

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