Ever asked the question:

“Others are being blessed, why not me?”

We have all encountered situations where we’ve prayed for something and we see someone else getting it. A good job? A good partner?

…and we think How Unfair! He/she didn’t deserve it, I did.

Guess that’s not how God works. He gives in HIS own time. We are blessed more than we deserve. Don’t think so ~? Let’s see…if you are able to walk and of a sound mind YOU ARE BLESSED, You have a secure place to live, clothes to keep you warm and a belly full of satisfying food YOU ARE BLESSED, you live with family & have friends YOU ARE BLESSED

Don’t think that someone is more blessed than you are.

It’s just that..

We are blessed in different ways

The Bible teaches that we should use our blessings to bless others –

~ Our blessings should flow to others
When we are blessed, we should reach out to others and bless them. If God has blessed you with happiness, share that happiness with the world. We are blessed not just so that we can feel good, not just so we can be happy and comfortable, but so that we will bless others.

~ When we bless others, God takes care of our needs
God promises that if we concentrate on blessing others, he’ll take care of our needs.    When you care about helping other people, God assumes responsibility for your problems. And that’s a real blessing, for he’s much better at handling your difficulties than you are.

~ Our blessings to others will come back on us
The more you bless other people . . . the more you help others, the more God blesses your life. You cannot out give God. The more you try to bless other people in the world around you, the more God says, “I’m going to pour blessings out on you.

Keep on moving forward. . . . be a blessing to others . . . . 🙂


5 Replies to “Blessings”

  1. Your posts are a blessing to me!

    1. They are? You’ve made me really happy..the credit does goes to God..he’s given me the talent to write.
      Thank You

  2. y do u believe in Lord so much?

    Did he bless u?
    u blessed urslf?

    1. He blesses me everyday in small ways. I have a lot to thank My Good Lord for 🙂

      1. Good to hear ur Lord is fair with u!

        stay blessed


        : )

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