Boy to a Man

Daddy, why does my voice sound weird?

Well son, that’s because your voice is breaking

..but I don’t want anything to break

(Dad smiling) you can’t stop that from happening, it happens to every young boy. It’s a sign of a boy turning into a man

Am I becoming a man daddy?

Yes son, you’re becoming a strapping young lad

Wow!! (happy with the answer he got, he goes into his room)

After a little while Johnny is back with another question

Daddy, since you said I’m becoming a man now, can I play the same game you and mummy play in the night everyday? I promise I won’t make noise

Moral of the story:

~ Sex is best done behind LOCKED doors. With young eyes around you might want to be careful
~ You might want to tone down on the sounds (unless your walls are sound proof!)
~ You might also want to allocate days of the week you might want to do it 🙂

That’s all. Hope the 3 points were useful

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