She’s so getting laid..

She’s so getting laid today…
Location: Siridao Beach-South Goa
Subjects: Sensitive Girl, Adventurous Boy
Weather: Warm to Hot
Activity: Mild to Naughty

His hands are moving up & down her
She is enchanted by him
The waves are adding to the magical feeling
They are seated under a shrub

I’m not supposed to look..but I can’t help myself, it’s getting exciting
His clothes are still on..but he’s making sure hers are getting less by the garment.
Hold on…! What do I see…? Well he’s managed to get her bra off for a start.
Should I look longer?

He might want to take her to a room…sand might get into the wrong places, I don’t think she’d want that…as of now she looks content tho’
They’re kissing…smooching…lip wrestling…I have no more words…ewww!!

Wait…they’re up, they’reΒ  walking…she’s smiling…he’s smiling…
Goodness Gracious Me!!!
She’s so getting laid today..

A long shot of the couple under the shade of shrubs

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