Jungle Book-3D

Okay, so I am just back home from watching the movie Jungle Book…I know, I know…many of you have already watched it. I’m always a little later than normal to do stuff 🙂

There were 2 reasons why I was excited to watch the film, For one it was Jungle Book…Mowgli & baloo and Bhageera among others 😉 and the other more important thing was, it was my first movie I’d watch in 3D. OMG!

Strange isn’t it!?

I was actually grinning to myself ear to ear after I put on the 3D glasses (that’s what you call it ryt?) I don’t know if people noticed..I wouldn’t care anyways!


The Movie…loved it <3 loved baloo, he was so adorable <3 Overall a wonderful movie.

“Not full hibernation but I nap a lot” – baloo 🙂

Jungle jungle baat chali hai pata chala hai
Chaddi pehen ke phool khila hai, phool khila hai

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  1. Watched it about 10-12 days back and loved it. So well-made. Although I watched it in Hindi but the dubbing had top-notch dialogue and actors so it was a great experience overall.

    1. I’m not sure…but was it Priyanka Chopra’s voice as Kaa for both Hindi & English versions…it sounded like her 🙂 Love that woman <3

      1. Aah! It’s a pity that Kaa’s part was too short.

        1. Yup 🙂 How cute was Baloo 🙂

  2. Wow… Great review! I have watched the older version. Looking forward to watching this one..

  3. Baloo was my favorite too and even I watched in 3 D with a 4 year old and I bet we both had similar expressions all through 😀

  4. I loved that movie too.. ❤ Mowgli and Baloo were adorable, loved Irrfan Khan😁

    1. …so I guess you watched the Hindi version

  5. I watched it with my children and they loved it! I was nostalgic, as it reminded me of the Doordarshan wala Mowgli and the Disney one too! 😄😄
    For the question you asked above, Priyanka gave voice in the Hindi version, English one had Scarlett Johansson 😘😍

    1. Kaa’s voice in the English version does sound like Priyanka’s voice too 😊

  6. I still haven’t seen it and really want to, love the older version and excited to see this new one with all the reviews I have heard. Yes Baloo is my favorite!

  7. I really loved that movie. Don’t mind watching all over again. 🙂

    1. Since I’ve watched the English version, don’t mind watching it again in the Hindi version

      1. I watched the Hindi version, and wow … that’s a great idea to watch it in the English version again. I have no idea how it sounds in the English version. 🙂 The Hindi one was just awesome.

        1. …so was the English one!

  8. Never seen cartoons but now I think this one will be my first one!!

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